Since 1947, our governments have been trying to educate people. Education brings employment. But unfortunately, their efforts are falling short to raise employment. Our education is all about learning facts and figures. It is not deep and broad. All we are aiming is to provide our studends the technical knowledge. It will bring them livelihood and satisfaction. Unemployment is a curse. To bring up employment ratio, we need to work on rural, urban and rurban people. It is tough. But we are ready.

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we have taken every possible step to develop the necessary infrastructure, technology, Facilities and Students support. SWAMI VIVEKANAND EDUCATIONAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY is already running and adding more branches to the growing tree of bright SWAMI VIVEKANAND EDUCATIONAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY. We have fostered the excellent studies environment for our students and have created an atmosphere of innovation to develop the confidence in them.



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