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About us

Swami Vivekanand Educational And Rural Development Society

Swami Vivekanand embraces education, which for him signifies 'man-making'. He defines education as 'the magnifestation of the perfection already in man'. Here man also includes woman. 'Man-making' education is something which makes students self-reliant, motivates them to learn to live. In this aura of education-land, technical specially computer knowledge is beaming up like a new sunshine. 'Man-making' education backs the education which brings employment. Many of the people are not familiar with computers. Those who are familiar, do not know how to apply it. We are targeting more and more people to make them understand computers, to instruct them how it works and to avail them jobs.

Making young India empolyed

Since 1947, our governments have been trying to educate people. Education brings employment. But unfortunately, their efforts are falling short to raise employment. Our education is all about learning facts and figures. It is not deep and broad. All we are aiming is to provide our studends the technical knowledge. It will bring them livelihood and satisfaction. Unemployment is a curse. To bring up employment ratio, we need to work on rural, urban and rurban people. It is tough. But we are ready.

Employment is a boon

Everyone wants to get money from right directions. Those who can not, try unethical ways. Do you know why people can not crack jobs? The answer is simple. Those people do not understand the change. There is a shift in our education. Now all recruiters need is the technical stuff, the very essence of computers. And there are new hopes rising in this field. We are providing the spirited knowledge of computers at your cost, means affordable to you. Come here. Learn computers. Go and get job. Have fun and be employed. Do participate in national growth.

Scope in I.T. Sector

Now a days, the news papers are crowded with the slogans like 'Make In India', 'Digital India' and cities turning into I.T. hubs. Silicon valley giants are making their ways to India. There is a great optimism in this sector. Government bodies too are interested and they keep promoting computer and skilled knowledge.  The sector has increased its contribution to India's GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.5% in 2012.  According to NASSCOM, the revenues are growing by over 13%. So, there are great oppurtunities in IT services, Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

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